Intellectual Property of LED Dimmable Driver, how to protect?

Faced with fierce competition, if LED dimmable driver manufacturers want to obtain long-term development, they should pay close attention to research and development, and continuously create new products to meet market’s requirements. It not only improves its competitiveness, but also propels the society’s healthy development.

As we all known, every innovation needs time, labors, costs, etc. So does LED dimmable driver. The innovative products are precious, once they are stolen, the loss will be large, or even destructive. So the companies should enhance the awareness to protect intellectual property. When markets mature, the products will become commoditized over time. The similar products increase the innovative cost as well as the difficult of protecting intellectual property.

Though it is difficult for LED dimmable driver manufacturers to protect their intellectual property in this complicated market. On one hand, the manufacturers still insist on applying for intellectual property and strengthen protection awareness. Meanwhile, we hope that government publishes some relative policies to strictly strike plagiarisms. On the other hand, the manufacturers should have principles and adhere to the original.

It is believed that LED dimmable driver manufacturers should establish the awareness of protecting intellectual property, take action to create a sound environment of competition, enhance innovative progress and mobilize the independent innovation positivity.

Post time: Oct-20-2021
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