The Common Cimming Problems of DALI

Q1: What is the maximum transmission distance of DALI?

A: The maximum transmission distance of DALI is 300 meters.

Q2: How much current does each signal of DALI driver?

A: Each consumption current of our DALI product signal is generally about 2mA.

Q3: What is the output signal current of DALI-100? How many LED drivers can be connected at the back?

A: The signal output current of DALI-100 is about 20mA. Generally, it is recommended to connect 5 to 6 drivers at most. If you connect more drivers, you must add DALI BUS power supply DALI-130.

Q4: Is it possible to use a 900mA LED driver with two 450mA lights?

A: It is possible to connect two lights in parallel to the output end of the LED driver, but this will affect the service life of the lights, and this is generally not recommended.

Q5: How many DALI drivers can be connected behind each TouchDIM?

A: The current consumption of each signal of DALI driver is only 2mA, but it is recommended not to exceed 30, otherwise the dimming effect will be inconsistent.

Q6: When the DALI driver is connected to the DALI controller, the light appears dimly when the light is turned off, but the light does not turn off really?

A: Most of the cases are caused by insufficient creepage distance or insulation level of the lamp design, which can be solved after the light casing is grounded.

Post time: Nov-01-2021
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